Medical products


  • Arteries with aneurysms
  • Optically clear
  • Flow simulation with artificial blood possible
  • Performance test of newly developed catheters
  • Different types of silicone can be used


3D-Drucken, Gehirnmodell, Kopfmodell, Rapid-Prototyping
  • Functional structure of a surgical headphantom
  • Combination of MRI and CT data sets
  • Training and testing new techniques / approaches
  • Object of study
  • Images of: Brain, arteries, cranium, tumour

Artificial bone models

künstliches Felsenbein, Rapid-Prototyping, Steigbügel, Wirbelknochen
  • Artificial petrous bone (ossicles)
  • Images: Ossicles (stapes, malleus, ambos), round / oval windows, eardrum
  • Equipment of preparatory classes
  • Patient-specific 3D models
  • Individual operative preparation
  • vetebral body
  • Phantom modelling

fluid-flow phantoms

Durchflussphantom, Rapid-Prototyping, Perfusion
  • Functional perfusion phantom
  • Examination of contrast agent perfusion
  • Duct manufacturing with different diameters